Oh look! Another blog!

So I’ve started another blog. I should say we, but I’ll have to admit this isn’t David’s favorite project.

We’ve not just started a blog, but an entire website. It started with my weariness with out of the box wedding site options. I have a librarian blog, but that doesn’t entirely cover what I want it to. Mostly I can’t use it to go on and on about knitting, crafting, doing stuff to the house, travels, etc.

A few conversations, facebook posts, and emails later here I am thanks in large part to the generosity of Josh who is hosting this, set it up, and seems not to be afraid to be my first person to call when I get stuck. So here is a new blog. And a new website. It seems fitting as we start our new life together to have this new place together.

It’s a way for people outside of facebook to see photos, and for us to control or create a digital brand.

There’s a possibility that David will also post, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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