Day 5: Pimento Cheese

To me pimento cheese is one of the perfect summer foods. I loved a big huge thick schmear of it between slices of bread as a sandwich, on crackers, spread in celery, or eaten straight. It’s the southern in me, but it’s nearly a perfect food. However it isn’t that good for you so I don’t make it all that often.

Yesterday I made a batch to take to a play date/BBQ with Dave’s high school friends. (Parties have changed a lot in the three years I’ve known this group because nearly all the couples have had kids. It’s a fun change.) everyone seemed to enjoy it even if as Alaskans they didn’t gave the immediate recognition of what it was that occurs south of the Mason-Dixon Line. It’s so ubiquitous therei once ate dome from a gas station on a road trip and miraculously didn’t get sick.

I make my pimento cheese a bit different than my parents did growing up because I don’t accept velveeta as a food and chose a real cheese. I also don’t really measure so it’s hard to give a recipe on a gut thing, but here you go.


Pimento Cheese Spread

Extra-sharp cheddar cheese (60% of your total cheese) shredded, approximately 12 oz
Cheddar cheese (40% of your cheese) shredded, approx 8-10 oz
Pimentos, 8 oz jar, drained
8 oz cream cheese softened
Mayo (or miracle whip) as needed, approx 2/3rds cup, I never measure this, just keep adding spoonfuls until it’s the right consistency
Salt and pepper to taste
Other seasonings (I used Nature’s Seasonings instead of salt and pepper which has some onion and garlic powder in it
I added a smidge of cayenne pepper this time, quite yummy

Mix it up. Chill and eat. Even better the second day after sitting in the fridge.