Boxing Day Part 1 and 2

David’s newest LEGO technic, a plane. Christmas 2012.

For us we chose to interpert boxing day to mean “take Christmas presents out of boxes, recycle boxes, put presents together and away”. Wikipedia assures me that is not what boxing day is really about, but it works for me.

On Christmas we enjoyed breakfast together, opened presents, used Google hangougt to open presents with my siblings, then spent most of the day with his family. It was a fantastic day of fun, family, love and laughter, but it left almost no time for tidying up and putting things away. So BOXING DAY!

This would have been more sucessful if we had not both worked. Working right after a holiday turns out to be crazy exhausting. So on Boxing Day part one (the 26th) we only got a few presents away, including David putting together his newest toy.

Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel. Christmas 2012.

Boxing Day part 2 (the 27th) we put together my present – a new spinning wheel! I’ve been drooling over this one for quite a while – a Schacht Ladybug.¬†I’ve spun with a drop spindle, but never with a wheel. Can’t wait to learn, but I am afraid it will have to wait until after I finish my Newbery reading and re-reading. Putting together the wheel was a bit of a tease, but I couldn’t help it.

We got a lot of gifts; we’re both quite spoiled and loved. David got 50 years of Bond movies on Bluray. That’s actually¬†about 22 or 23 movies. Thus I’ve seen more Bond movies in the last 3 days then in my entire life previously. Mostly I sit there and read or knit and occasionally look at David and say “Did they REALLY just say that?” Or point out flaws in the science, misogyny, and racism. But it is still crazy fun.

We’ve got yarn to knit for the new year, fluff to spin, movies to watch, more gadgets to put together, and a lot more fun to be had. Soon there will be an end of year Christmas/New Year wrap up post (taking the place of the holiday letter we never wrote to put in the holiday cards we never sent). In the meantime I leave you with this last image. Every Ladybug wheel has a ladybug “hidden” in a unique spot – part of the fun of putting it together is finding yours. Mine is on the main body of the wheel (still learning spinning terminology) just above where the left treadle fits in.

Found the ladybug “hiding” on my wheel! Christmas 2012