Mexico vs. Cameroon 2014

Mexico vs Cameroon 6/13 8am AKDT

I caught the game ~20 minutes in. Apparently Mexico had a goal called back in that time. I haven’t looked into that incident, can’t comment.

I did see the second called-back goal by Mexico. On Mexico’s corner, the sideline referee didn’t quite pay attention, or doesn’t quite understand offsides, but made a horrible call. Should’ve been a goal.

The game went into 0-0 at halftime.

In the second half, Mexico strung together a beautiful play, threading some defenders and taking a great shot. CMR’s goalie had a beautiful, great save, but was only able to parry the ball. A trailing Mexican offender was able to finish the rebound off the keeper to score the goal.

Mexico was definitely the better team, but perhaps didn’t take Cameroon’s offense as seriously as they should have. Cameroon had some great chances.

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