We Need A Dog

I read some articles recently about training dogs to smell cell phones. Apparently they can smell the chemicals in the battery. They mostly use them in prisons where a cell phone is a very dangerous and popular contraband item. Dave and I knew that from watching what we affectionately call the people in prison shows.

Now some of you (my sister) are asking wouldn’t the dog just hear it ringing? (And implying that wouldn’t I just hear it ringing?) But to do that you have to ask David to call your cell phone and he reminds you this is the third time in two days you’ve “lost” your cell phone and it was on the kitchen counter (or couch or whatever). Once he just laughed and laughed because your cell phone has crazy camouflage power and even though it was only a foot and a half away from you it was the exact same color as the book it was sitting on and could not be seen. And he laughed instead of being helpful.

Dogs don’t make fun of you. Dogs are just excited to go on a hunt. We should get a dog and teach it to smell cell phones. Or get one of those keychain things that help you find your iPhone (or vice versa). I usually can find either my keys or my iPhone.

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