Monday evening, after 24 hrs of early labor, it has seemed to speed up and slow down. I told Elizabeth that I’d start a load of laundry.

Her: “But then if labor starts up again and we have to go to the hospital, we’ll have a load of laundry we need to rewash”

Well, we have a load of laundry to rewash 🙂


Exhausted elation

Once Annabelle was born I caught a second wind that took me til about 9am.

Then we each stole naps as we could throughout the day, and I quickly found the mindset “sleep is a mythical beast like a kraken or a minotaur.

As sleep depravity wound into evening, it became “Time is a mythical beast like a kraken or a minotaur”



I love Annabelle so much and she immediately has me wrapped around her finger