Mommy Baby Selfie

David is really good at taking photos of himself with the baby. I’m not. Thus there are a lot more photos of everyone else but me and Annabelle.

So this morning while doing snugly time, I experimented with some selfies.


I think the trick is to find a time when I’m not stripped to the waist for feeding and my hair is brushed.


Because Annabelle always looks gorgeous and needs no photo prep.

Let’s Go For a Walk

They told us everything was harder with a baby. I didn’t understand. Today’s goal was to leave the house and go for a walk. It took us forty-five minutes to do that. We were delayed by her first blowout diaper (all over David) and then spit up all over me.

But we went out for a walk.


We didn’t go far, and Annabelle didn’t seem impressed but we did it. It felt good for the grown ups too.


And we read books at home.